Coconut Coffee Storm

February 01, 2022 1 min read

Coconut Coffee Storm

Super smooth cold drip or cold brew coffee, fresh coconut water and Rochester Dark Jamaican Ginger are an indulgent delight. When combined together they make a memorable 'Coffee Storm' in a coconut.


1 Young Fresh Coconut

60ml Cold Drip or Cold Brew Coffee

60ml Rochester Dark Jamaican Ginger

60ml Coconut Milk (or any milk of choice)


Cut open a fresh Young Fresh Coconut, pour the coconut water into a jug using a sieve. Add in 60ml of Cold Drip or Cold Brew Coffee.

Cold Drip is a process of coffee making where cool water is dripped on to a bed of freshly ground coffee. Cold Brew uses an immersion technique, mixing coffee and water, which is left to 'brew' – both available at good coffee houses.

After the coffee is added, pour in the Coconut Milk. (if you don’t like coconut milk, substitute with almond, soy, oat or any milk of your choice)

Add 60ml of Rochester Dark Jamaican Ginger. Stir well or mix up in a cocktail shaker. Pour the mixture back into the coconut shell and serve with a straw.

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