Norfolk Punch Iced Women’s Elixir

February 28, 2024 1 min read

Norfolk Punch Iced Women’s Elixir

The Norfolk Punch Women's Iced Elixir, developed in the 1990s with the help of Dr. Karin Cutter, a leading Australian naturopath, celebrates the power of over 20 herbs, berries, and spices. Each botanical ingredient brings its unique properties to the mix, creating a drink rich in potential health benefits.

This elixir is not just delicious, but also potentially helpful in addressing symptoms associated with menopause, while supporting gut health.



Lot of Ice

Sliced Lemon 

A Dash of Soda Water

1 Cup Norfolk Punch Women's Elixir


Mix 20 ml of Norfolk Punch Women's Elixir into a cup. Add in Ice, top up with Soda Water and garnish with Sliced Lemon.

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