Tasty Ways To Enjoy Rochester Ginger

December 13, 2023 2 min read

Tasty Ways To Enjoy Rochester Ginger

Ginger has been around for centuries. Ginger has been used as natural medicine, but it is also a popular spice used in cooking. If you’re not familiar with ginger’s health benefits, here are some ailments that it can help ease:

● Nausea

● Arthritis pain

● Digestive issues

● May help with weight loss

● Help relieve cold symptoms

● It may help lower blood sugar

Most people consume ginger by taking a supplement or by drinking ginger tea (one of our favourites)  Rochester Ginger offers you different and many tasty ways to have your ginger and enjoy it too! 

Warm Tea

Warm Tea Ginger tea is a popular tea in many cultures. Rochester Organic Lemon, Lime, & Ginger is excellent mixed with warm water when you have a cold. Full of Vitamin C, it not only helps warm you up, but it may also help relieve cold and flu symptoms too.


Rochester Organic Lemon, Lime, & Ginger is also tasty mixed up like a margarita! Add it to your favourite margarita recipe by replacing lime juice with Rochester Ginger for a refreshing change. You can skip the tequila altogether and pour the drink over ice in a salted rim glass.

Dark and Stormy

A dark and stormy is an easy-to-make delicious cocktail. You can replace the ginger beer with Rochester Ginger Original to go along with the dark rum. If you want to skip the alcohol and go low carb, you can pour Rochester Dark Jamaican Ginger over ice and squeeze in some lime. Rochester Dark Jamaican Ginger also works wonderfully in coffee hot or cold!

Ginger Float

Ready for a sweet treat? Pour Rochester Dark Jamaican Ginger in sparkling water and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Rochester Ginger Original or No Added Sugar are also excellent choices.


Need to boost your immune system? Try making an antioxidant punch. Add Rochester Organic Lemon, Lime & Ginger, or Rochester Ginger Original to blueberry juice or grape juice.

The possibilities are endless with Rochester Ginger! Our healthy non-alcoholic drinks will not only tickle your taste buds, but they’re good for you too!

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