The Benefits of Ginger

February 24, 2022 2 min read

The Benefits of Ginger

A native to Southeast Asia, ginger is one of the most potent spices for your health. Ginger has many health benefits due to the compound gingerol. Taking a daily dose of ginger can help keep your health on track.

Here are some of the reasons that ginger is the perfect spice.

Arthritis: Arthritis leads to joint degeneration, which causes pain and stiffness. A few studies show that ginger may reduce joint pain in people with osteoarthritis. One study found that participants who had osteoarthritis of the knee, who took up to 1mg of ginger per day had less pain and stiffness in their knees.

Nausea: Ginger can be effective for many causes of nausea. Studies have indicated that ginger may relieve nausea due to chemotherapy treatment. More studies on humans are needed, however, it looks promising.

Ginger is most effective for pregnancy-related nausea. Studies show that ginger can reduce morning sickness.

Chronic indigestion: Ginger can also be effective in reducing the symptoms of indigestion. People with indigestion can have upper stomach pain and discomfort. Ginger may help ease this discomfort but help the stomach digest food faster.

You can consume ginger in a variety of ways. Why not try something that will excite the taste buds? If you like the taste of ginger, then Rochester Ginger Original is the perfect drink to grab. 

For the lovers of ginger, and serious gingerholics, it’s a trip down memory lane, how a ginger drink should taste without the need for alcohol. Made with pressed ginger root, it’s the perfect non-alcoholic drink that gives your taste buds what they crave! 

If you're looking for an extra boost of vitamin C try Rochester's Organic Lemon, Lime & Ginger. It's packed with vitamin C and you can mix it with sparkling water or warm water for a metabolic boost.

Our tasty ginger drinks offer you a lot of options for every palate. Try some of our healthy non-alcoholic drinks today and start reaping the benefits of ginger! 




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