Rochester Ginger No Added Sugar


10% off any 6 bottles, 15% off any 12 bottles.Pressed whole root of the ginger that delivers the famous kick of two very angry mules. Ginger has long been revered for its health and well-being benefits. Rochester Ginger contains the immune boosting ingredients of 14% pressed ginger root to give you a real ginger kick. And now with no added sugar, you can enjoy the whole root of ginger guilt free, without sacrificing on taste. 725ml bottle.

  • May help relieve cold & flu symptoms
  • Perfect alternative to alcohol as a refreshing drink with a kick
  • Great for an upset stomach, nausea, digestion and circulation
  • Enjoy neat or on the rocks, as a refreshing mixer with sparkling water, a slice of lime or orange, fresh mint and ice

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How To Drink

Sip neat, on the rocks, or into hot water to make a ginger tea or enjoy as a refreshing mixer with sparkling water with or without alcohol.

Shake well before use and store at room temperature.


Apple Juice (from Concentrate), Water, Water Infusion of Ginger, Natural Botanical Flavours, Citric Acid, Caramel, Natural Sweetener (Stevia & Erythritol), Potassium Sorbate.