Rochester Ginger Fruit Punch

December 13, 2023 1 min read

Rochester Ginger Fruit Punch

This recipe is an all time favourite. Perfect for entertaining and a great non alcoholic option for the whole family to enjoy. It’s super quick, easy and absolutely gingerlicious!

1 Cup of Ice
1 Cup Rochester Ginger Original
2 Cups 100% Apple and Mango Juice
1 Litre Sparkling Mineral Water or Soda Water
A Dash of Natural Remedy Pure Cherry Juice & Herbs

Fresh Mint Leaves
Strawberries – halved or sliced
Slices of Orange, Lemon or Lime


Using a tall 2 litre jug, pour in ingredients: Rochester Ginger Original, Apple Mango Juice and Sparkling Mineral Water or Soda Water.  Add in a dash of Cherry Juice, Ice and stir. Garnish with fresh Mint Leaves, Strawberries and Slices of Orange, Lemon or Lime. Stir & Enjoy!  (Apple mango juice is a refreshing ingredient for this punch but can also be substituted with another juice of your choice) 

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