Ways To Keep Warm During Winter

Ways To Keep Warm During Winter

Winter is here! Chilly weather probably makes you think about ways to get warm. Here are some ways you can warm up to beat the winter blues.

Ginger Benefits 

Ginger helps increase circulation to help warm up your body. It also has antioxidants to help you fight off cold and flu and is one of winters natural remedies. Our Rochester Ginger healthy non-alcoholic ginger drinks can help chase away the winter chill. Sip it neat as a tonic to warm the cockles of your heart or splash into warm water for a soothing hot tea or toddy.

Infrared Sauna 

An infrared sauna is a great way to warm up. Infrared heaters heat the sauna faster than traditional saunas. The heat not only helps boost circulation but can also help with sore muscles, stress, and getting better sleep quality. Sweating is also helpful for detoxing the body.

Hand warmers

Our torso may be warm, but our hands aren’t! Hand warmers make a great solution. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you get the single-use hand warmers they last for up to 8 hours and you can even put them in your pockets to keep your hands warm on the go, or try the body or foot warmers too.


We know you don’t even want to think about going outside when it’s cold! Playing sports or doing other activities gets you warm. Your muscles are constantly relaxing and contracting. This pushes blood through the vessels, warming your core. Try skipping, add a jog to your walk, kick or throw a ball with a friend or your dog - you’ll be warm before you know it!

Skip the Booze 

One of the ways you may want to stay warm in the evenings is to have a hot toddy or add naturally warming ingredients into your drink (like ginger or chilli). Stay away from alcohol! A warm drink does of course help you warm up. When you are already cold, alcohol will drop your core body temperature.

Warm up half a wine glass of one of our Norfolk Punch drinks instead. Its calming and restorative herbs are just the remedy for a restful nights sleep.

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