Citrus & Chilli Tonic


Taste the goodness of our hot Cayenne Chilli pepper in a refreshing tonic with a balanced and enjoyable heat sensation. Spice up your drinks with a zesty kick that lingers. Enjoy the metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties of Cayenne that also increases endorphin levels and produces a natural, happy feeling. Perfect as a morning metabolism kick-starter, an afternoon refresher and a serious non-alcoholic alternative at night.

  • Cayenne Chilli Pepper - adrenal support & immunity
  • Ginger - digestion, circulation, anti-inflammatory
  • Orange and Lime juices - refreshes and soothes
  • Capsaicin (which provides the heat) in chillies has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties known to increase endorphin levels.
  • This product is a concentrate, 25 serves per bottle, $1 per serve!

How To Drink

20mls tonic + 80ml sparkling water, kombucha or beverage of choice. 25 serves per bottle

This is a natural product so separation is normal. Shake well before use, refrigerate and consume within 4 weeks after opening.


Purified Water, Natural Fruit Juice Concentrate (Orange & Lime). Honey (4.9%), Spice Extracts (4.06%), Acacia Gum, Chilli Ectract, Natural Flavour, Tartaric Acid, Purple Sweet Potato Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Stevia. 


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