Who We Are

Like most of us, my wife and I (Belinda & Rob) enjoy having a social drink with friends. From time to time we don’t feel like having an alcoholic drink and found that the options available were limited. So in 2008 we started our healthy drinks business to change things. Back then the adult alcoholic drinks market was well catered for but not so with healthy, sophisticated alternatives for those wanting to kick back, relax, get the feeling of ‘having a drink’, but without the unwanted effects of alcohol.

Today many of the new non-alcoholic alternatives are made from flavours, colours and hidden sweeteners with no or very little health benefits. Our customers told us they wanted drinks that were full of flavour with (health) benefits, so we curated a flavoursome range of 0% drinks, tonics, elixirs and spirits for those wanting to drink for greater health, without sacrificing on taste. Drinks that you could taste the goodness, and feel the difference.

Our Purpose & Vision

Our purpose is simple - to provide the best tasting, all natural and authentic non-alcoholic drinks that not only taste amazing, but are good for you too. Drinks that are traditional and old fashioned with nostalgic memories that take you back to the good old days (like Sarsaparilla and Ginger Beer). We also craft ‘nutraceutical’ type beverages with nutritional properties – that may assist with many of today’s common health ailments, including inflammation, stress, anxiety and depression, cognitive functioning, digestive issues and more.

Our vision is to help you develop healthier relationships with what you drink, embracing mindful drinking in order to thrive and enjoy life. We’re committed to enabling everyone to feel welcome in every social situation – without being judged or criticised or being left out. Cheers!

Belinda & Rob Australian Natural Drinks Co.