Here's what our customers are saying about our drinks...

Remedy Tonics Sarsaparilla

"The flavour. I see it as medicinal. It has goodies in it that I recognise the flavour of from herbal remedies my naturopath would dispense for me. " -Robyn M.

"This real Sarsaparilla brings back fond memories of childhood and when I heard you make this the nostalgia kicked in!" -Dr. George K.

"I just love the premium ingredients, balanced flavours, concentrated and natural sugars." -Joshua D.

"The real taste of Root Beer from my days of growing up as a kid." -Bryan R.

"It is a healthy alternative to soft drinks, so I can have it as my "treat" and not feel bad, especially as I bought it as a herbal tonic."- Rachel P.  acupuncture & Wellness

"The flavour and the energy boost. It's so nice in sparkling water!" -Efisia F.

"I love the awesome flavour with health benefits & no guilt." -Eloise S.

"Since using this tonic my husband and I have had a noticeable energy boost. We enjoy it mid afternoon and it seems to get us through the night without feeling as tired." -Esther W.

Remedy Tonics Turmeric, Curcumin & Mango 

"I love the effect it has on my joint pains. It tastes amazing and I am sure it has helped boost my immune system."  -S Garcia S

"It's healthy, tastes great and is in a convenient liquid form." -Steve D.

"It has a great flavour & I can feel the difference in my day from taking it." - Teresa J.

"I love the awesome flavour and it makes you feel so much healthier." - Suze W.

"A sensational product and we all know the valuable benefits of Turmeric... Happy days ahead with Turmeric in your daily diet :)" -Paul T. 

"Magical. This stuff is incredible." -Claire R.

"This tonic is absolutely beautiful and just a delight to drink. It’s anti-inflammatory properties are amazing and will leave you feeling so much better. Remember to mix with a healthy oil to assist in absorption. Love it!"

Remedy Tonics Ginseng, Ginkgo & Brahmi 

"After taking the Ginseng Ginkgo Brahmi tonic I noticed significant improvement in my memory, ability at recollection and a restoration of my mental acuity. It has reversed my recent age/lack of mental stimulation loss of memory and mental acuity." Yogus C.

"I’ve started adding this into my morning routine. I mix with hot water in a tea cup to make a brew to sip on as I work. The flavour is pleasant, the blueberry is the dominant taste, but not sickly sweet. I really enjoy this tonic." -Melissa W.

"Another amazing product from this wonderful company! I’m now addicted to so many of their tonics." -Laura L.

Rochester Ginger Original

"I love that they are very versatile and able to mix with a variety of drinks and you can garnish if you wish. I really love that they are a refreshing alternative to other sugary drinks available and nice to have as an option when you have guests over and want to have a non-alcoholic drink available" - Kelly A.

"Love that it’s alcohol free with a strong ginger taste and diverse range of uses - glad to have found you!" -Therese R.

"The full ginger taste. Not too sweet, just perfect." -Muoi T.

"It’s not too sweet, has a strong ginger flavour and it can be mixed with things like mint and orange for a great mock tail. I especially like the no added sugar variety as I don’t like sweet drinks and there’s not a lot of non-alcohol versions out there. The products are made from real Ginger. They taste amazing and refreshing." – Chris L.

"Rochester Ginger makes you feel better and refreshed - I just love your products - always will," -Colin R.

"Your drinks have body to them, so I feel like I'm drinking a robust beverage - and not just flavoured water." – Brian C.

"I love the taste and health properties of Rochester drinks." -Emma M.

"Great tasting alternative to alcohol. Lovely to sip after dinner. Has a kick like a fiery Scotch, but actually settles the stomach rather than aggravating it." -Ian T 

Rochester Ginger Dark Ginger 

"We've been drinking this on the rocks after a hard day of house painting and it's the perfect substitute for a spiced rum...without a hangover. Perfect on a winter night in front of the fire." -Melissa W. 

Lemon, Lime & Ginger

"I have a single shot before breakfast, and as a thirst quencher during the day mixed with sodawater." -Glynn M.

Rochester Ginger 5-Day Shots

"Refreshing and delicious. This one was super nice! Super refreshing and quite pleasant over ice too." -Frazer M.

Norfolk Punch Original

"Original Norfolk Punch is my all-time favourite drink when I want to be festive and avoid alcohol. It’s so subtle and delicious, can be paired over lunch or dinner much like a nice red wine with the benefit of being non-alcoholic - Emma Mayall, M.

"I love the enjoyment of consuming a non-alcoholic drink with the complex flavours of a traditional herbal punch." -Airlie B.

 "I love the wonderful taste, soothing before bedtime, outstanding ingredients." – Gary S.

"It's adult taste which compensates for having a glass of wine. Also it is healthy." - Vicki S.

"The experience of "having a drink", especially with my wife, at the end of a day. To do so without consuming alcohol but still refreshed while doing so. I love that when I stay on Norfolk Punch and eliminate alcohol I easily maintain my preferred weight," - Michael H.

"Very refreshing, healthy, non-alcoholic drink to enjoy as an after-dinner treat, or just before bedtime, as it helps me sleep well" -  Jan P.

"Norfolk punch in particular is a delicious drink for special occasions. I grew up with it, and it makes a great gift for people who don’t drink alcohol."

"The flavour, and how it helps relax me after a stressful day at work. It's so comforting and has become a staple in my daily life. (I know, sounds dramatic.. but SO true!!!)" - Steve B.

"I’ve been searching for an alcohol free drink that made me feel like an adult for a while now and I’ve finally found it. The Norfolk Punch Original has sophisticated flavours without the hangover. Unlike some other alcohol free drinks it’s not too sweet. The herbal elements leave me feeling like I am doing something beneficial and nourishing for my body. I’ve tried it at room temperature (great as a red-wine replacement), chilled (perfect as a pick-me-up) and warm (soothing and settling). I think it would make a great alcohol free Sangria style drink as well." -Melissa W.

"While my boozy friends consume the evil drop I quietly sip on a Norfolk . Looks like a wine and tastes so much nicer and doesnt leave me intoxicated or with a headache in the morning. 'Make mine a warm Norfolk!" -Kees S.

"I love this Norfolk punch heated and sipped from a wine glass. A nutritious and delicious alternative to red wine." -Christy L.

"I love Norfolk Punch warmed up in winter and on ice in summer. I prefer it to alcohol. So when others are having a red I have my Norfolk Punch." -Julie R.

"I have always loved the taste of the original Norfolk Punch. My favourite part is closing my eyes and taking in a deep breath of it before the first sip." -Kellie L.

Norfolk Punch Women's Elixir 

"Much like the Norfolk Punch Cranberry, this is easy to drink, and lovely served chilled." -Melissa W. 

"Slightly different taste to the Original wife loves it, and so do I." -Kees S. 

"Norfolk Punch's Women's Elixir is by far one of my favourites!" -Miss H.

 Norfolk Punch Cranberry

"The Norfolk Punch Cranberry is easy to drink, and tastes more like a pure juice without as much herbal flavour as the Original. Very refreshing." -Melissa W. 

"I was gifted 2 bottles of this for Christmas, great gift idea. Continue now to enjoy the benefits of this Punch!" -Marlene R.

Norfolk Punch Aromatic Muscle Balm

"Blown Away. Cannot believe the wonderful surprise of this stuff. The balance of ingredients is perfect. I tell my Mum to imagine if Puff the Magic dragon had a perfume it would be this stuff!! :D" -Claire R. 

"I’ve used this for many years on my arthritis and it keeps me moving. Great for headaches too with a little bit on the temple." -Ann T.