Enjoy the versatility of Rochester Ginger

Rochester Ginger Lemon Honey


One of the great benefits of Rochester Ginger is its versatility, from a refreshing beverage to a fruit marinade to a cocktail mixer to a health tonic. You have the creative license to indulge and explore new ways to use Rochester Ginger in both your everyday use, and for that something special. Try it:

  • Neat or on the rocks
  • Mixed in with sparking mineral water, a sprig of fresh mint and a slice of orange (splash in apple mango juice for a refreshing summer punch)
  • Added to a cup of hot water with lemon and honey (optional) for colds, or into green tea
  • Drizzled over ice cream or marinate strawberries, peaches or pears
  • Immersed with fresh fruit juices such as apple, pineapple, orange or apple and mango
  • Adding it as a base ingredient for cocktails and spirits; vodka and lime on ice, scotch or mix with whiskey for the ultimate Whiskey Mac, brandy or rum as recipes demand
  • Into sparkling wine with a strawberry, or beer
  • Splashed into coffee to give it zip
  • Mixed with milk over ice

Rochester Ginger Mocktail

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