How to boost your immune system - #4 Manage Stress

June 03, 2020 2 min read

How to boost your immune system - #4 Manage Stress

What are you doing to support your immune system during COVID-19 and Influenza season this winter?

As the winter cold and flu season approaches, ways to boost your immune system are amongst the most common questions people are talking about now. Taking preventative steps to strengthen your immune health will always be beneficial for your physical and mental health, now and in the future. If you’re older or have an underlying health condition, taking preventative measures is a great idea. Your overall immune system health may benefit from the following 6 practical actions, which you can easily do right now: 

    1. Be active by participating in moderate exercise that you enjoy
    2. Eat a nutritious diet
    3. Prioritise restful sleep
    4. Manage your stress 
    5. Take supplements for a boost 
    6. Minimise alcohol and drink in moderation

Manage your stress and learn to ‘chillax’ more.

Ongoing stress has a detrimental effect on the immune system and may increase your risk of contracting infections. Acute stressors may temporarily enhance immune functions, chronic stressors likely diminish immune function.

Worrying about the spread of Covid-19, stressing about the financial impact it’s having, and focusing on the uncertainties of the future can raise cortisol levels, which may negatively impact our immune function. Fear is the #1 emotion easiest to catch! We can’t always make stressful situations disappear. But we can all take measures to control our response to stress.


  • Meditation and mindfulness exercises.
  • Getting outside and going for walks can potentially help your blood pressure, blood sugar, and make your days much more pleasant.
  • Establishing positive daily routines and rituals in getting out and about early for your daily dose of fresh air and sunshine (where it permits) – your brain and body will thank you for it.
  • Formal counselling and informal connections by opening up and sharing with others, be vulnerable and talk to others rather than internalising your worries and stresses. 

Final thoughts

See Covid-19 as a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reset the important things in your life and live the life you have always wanted to! To elevate the importance of your health and well-being. To make it a priority in your life right now. To reconnect with the people who are important to you and you love. To listen to your body as it never lies! To incorporate all the little nurturing and restorative rituals you’ve let go over the years that you used to do for yourself, before you put others before you as life got busier and more stressful.

Remember you still have ultimate control and choice in your life. Difficult times can diminish us. Develop us. Define us. Which do you choose? We believe that in most negatives there’s a positive to be found and we’re sure you will come out stronger than ever before in many ways! We’re all in this together.

Viva la vida (long live life)

Rob & Belinda

Australian Natural Drinks Co. 

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