Easy ways to boost your energy!

October 13, 2020 4 min read

Easy ways to boost your energy!

Easy ways to boost your energy!

1. Get enough sleep – it’s the perfect gift that keeps giving!
Getting enough rest and plenty of sleep helps reboot your mind & body and your immune system. Not getting enough sleep causes your body to increase its production of stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline. This elevation in stress hormones doesn’t just keep you awake - it also puts stress on the immune system, makes you prone to getting run down, tired and drained.
2. Get an energy boost from deep breathing
Cultivation of energy is a lifelong process, and like breathing, you have to keep doing it. Shallow breathing prevents the body from getting enough oxygen. Many people fail to breathe deeply when they feel tense, which is why they may feel zapped at the end of a stress-filled day. The general principles of correct breathing are to make it deeper, slower, quieter, and more regular.
3. Take Ginseng
In Chinese medicine, the word Qi describes the energy or life force that flows throughout your body. If your Qi becomes deficient, you may experience fatigue and lethargy, along with feeling that you lack the motivation and energy to get things done. Korean Ginseng belongs to a class of medicines known as adaptogens, which take their name from their ability to help the body and mind adapt to physical, mental and emotional stressors. In addition to improving resistance to stress, they increase energy and vitality, enhance cognitive (mental) function, promote recovery and more.
We use 200mg of Korean Ginseng per serve in each of our Natural Remedy Ginseng, Ginkgo and Brahmi Tonic as well as our Sarsaparilla Tonic to help generate healthy Qi and give you a natural energy boost. Try for yourself and see why Ginseng is one of our most popular products sold!
4. An engaged mind
Part of what keeps us energised is a sense of interest in what we’re doing. The desire to learn, build new skills, and make mental connections creates a vitality all its own. To succeed in pursuit of our dreams, it helps to fix our focus squarely on our goals. So make time every day to further your interest in something new and interesting and let that fuel your energy to learn more.
5. Give up or limit alcohol for the month
Studies have shown a relationship between chronic heavy alcohol consumption, damages to the immune system and a loss of energy and vitality. If you can’t function normally without alcohol, find you have become dependent or drink heavily, consider limiting alcohol consumption to weekends and have non-alcoholic substitutes on hand during weekdays. Also make managing stress a priority - stress is a major trigger of alcohol cravings, so get help early and spend time with supportive people around you.
6. Increase your hydration
Around 60% of the human body is water, your body needs water to transport oxygen to your cells. Deprive yourself of sufficient liquids and you may feel tired or get headaches. Dehydration can happen quickly, your digestion slows, concentration and energy levels fall and your skin dries out. Increase your fluid intake, plenty of water and mix our tonics and elixirs with sparkling water to create flavoursome non-alcoholic spritzers with can give you a refreshing boost!
7. Get outdoors early
Getting outside first thing in the morning on rising makes you more revitalised, engaged and energised for the day ahead with fewer distractions. Getting morning sunlight can also help you sleep better at night, especially if you have difficulties falling asleep or staying awake at the proper times (called a circadian rhythm disorder).
8. Dry skin brushing promotes healthy circulation & energy levels
By increasing blood and fluid circulation, skin brushing gives you that boost of energy! Brushing before showering doesn’t just exfoliate skin, it stimulates the lymphatic system, one of your body’s main detoxification channels (always brush upwards from your feet up your calves and from your hands up towards your shoulders, because that’s the path of the lymphatic flow).
9. Finish showering with cold water
The cold water sends many electrical impulses to your brain which ‘jolts’ your system to increase alertness, clarity, and energy levels. Endorphins (happiness hormones), are also released. This effect leads to feelings of well-being and optimism, as well as helping boost your circulation, metabolism and immune system.
10. The contents of your content are important
As we increasingly becoming confined within our own homes and conducting more of our daily lives online, one has to wonder what the effects of absorbing this digital content is having on our wellbeing. When it comes to mental health and your energy levels, the contents of your content are key. Boost your energy levels and endorphins and substitute your energy draining content consumption with this content platform that identifies films, shows and videos that feed the mind and stimulate more energy! See more at https://moodrise.co/1000/energy


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