Our Story

It all started when a husband and wife duo saw a gap in the Australian market back in 2008 for all natural and authentic non-alcoholic drinks for adults that not only tasted amazing, but were good for you too. 

Like most of us, Belinda & Rob enjoy having a social drink with friends. From time to time they didn’t feel like having an alcoholic drink and found that the options available to them were quite limited. The adult market was well catered for but not so with healthy, non-alcoholic sophisticated alternatives for those wanting to kick back, relax, get the feeling of ‘having a drink’, but without the unwanted effects of alcohol - including hangovers! Equally Belinda and Rob felt disappointed and let down with non-alcoholic alternatives. Often made of flavours, colours and sugar that would need to be mixed with something else to make it taste good, and there was NO or very little health benefit to consuming it!

“Flavour, with benefits is where the market heading. We want people to know there's options out there.”

Belinda and Rob saw that Australia was not being adequately catered for in this niche space. They set about hand selecting small, boutique artisan non-alcoholic drinks from around the world, as well as making their own! Sophisticated and classic drinks that adults wouldn’t be embarrassed to drink because they packed the same punch as a stiff drink – and drinks that not only tasted amazing but were good for you too. From humble beginnings word quickly got out resulting in a number of drinks in the range becoming top sellers within the health and well-being sector.

“Our purpose is simple - to provide the best tasting, all natural and authentic non-alcoholic drinks that not only taste amazing, but are good for you too. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to us, we are so grateful for everyone’s support of small, family run businesses. We hope you love our drinks as much as we do.”

 Belinda & Rob 

Australian Natural Drinks