Non-alcoholic Ginger Mojito

A classic rum, mint and soda cocktail, but today we’re leaving out the rum (using it for the Christmas rum balls!) and substituting it with a zippy kick of ginger.

It’s so refreshing and packed with aromas - we call it ‘summer in a glass’.


Into a highball glass add 5 cubes of ice (or three quarters of crushed ice), 8 Mint leaves, juice of 1 lime (or 50mls of Rochester Lemon Lime & Ginger), 100mls sparkling water and top up with 50mls Rochester Ginger. Muddle the leaves against the ice to release the mint flavour. Stir, add 2 lime wedges with more mint leaves and serve with a straw.

For an alcoholic drink add 60mls of White Rum. Or make a close Mexican relative of the Mojito by trading the rum for tequila.

We’ve left the traditional sugar syrup component out (which does make the mocktail taste a little more flat and thin) & you can also add in bitters to cut the sweetness of the drink.