Mini Margarita Mocktail

Mini Margarita Mocktail (mmm)

These aromatic citrus flavours make for a zesty alcohol free mocktail. This time-honoured Margarita is easy to make and endlessly refreshing.

In its simplest form, the classic Margarita is a blend of tequila, triple sec and fresh lime juice, but there are numerous ways this cocktail can be mixed and served, such as the one I have for you today.

While straight up is the most traditional, it’s commonly blended with ice for a frozen Margarita or served on the rocks.


· 3 serves Rochester Lemon Lime & Ginger (60ml)

· 30ml pink grapefruit juice (or a sour fruit)

· 30ml blood orange

· Salt, to rim (as needed)

· 1 lime or lemon cut in half

· Ice


· Run a slice of lime around the rim of your glass, and dip the glass rim in salt (on a flat dish).

· Squeeze grapefruit & blood orange then add 60mls Rochester Lemon Lime & Ginger, and ice to a cocktail shaker (or a blender on the crushed ice setting)

· Shake and then strain into salt rimmed glass, serve immediately and enjoy!

Note: If you are serving children, you may want to omit the salt rim from their glasses, as it is more of an adult taste.

Variation: Substitute pink grapefruit and blood orange juice for plain orange juice

Whatever you choose to put into your Margarita, its best served cold and with tacos on a hot summer’s day!