Stemless Copper Glasses


Treat yourself with stunning glassware or serve up delicious mocktails for that someone special at home. You might even have a special iso dinner to plan. Not only are our copper wine glasses unique, but the rose-gold colour casts a wonderful glow, giving an elegant and sophisticated drinking experience. These stemless copper glasses are versatile in nature and will add a sense of luxury to every occasion.

  • Copper plated inside and out
  • Includes 2 x Stemless Copper Glasses
  • Drinks in stemless copper glasses taste better and are kept cooler for longer
  • Coated with a clear, food-safe and durable coating that keeps your glassware gleaming and your drink tasting how it should

How To Use

Make your favourite mocktails and serve in these beautiful glasses. Sip and enjoy!

Care Instructions

Each set comes with a product care card and a CLINQ microfibre polishing cloth. Do not leave liquid sitting in glassware for extended periods and ensure glassware is dried thoroughly after use. Copper is a reactive material, and if not cared for, can begin to oxidize. These are not dishwasher safe and we recommend hand-washing. Polish once dry to make them dazzle!